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Profit in Islamic Insurance Sharia

INSURANCE-PEDIA.COM | Islamic finance system based on Islamic law is being altered-gadangkan growing in Indonesia. The people consider the use of sharia rules is very appropriate for Muslims. Shariah financial system is already penetrated into the world of insurance in Indonesia.

In Islamic or sharia insurance, the regulation is deemed beneficial to the consumer or the customer. What are the benefits?

Some Advantages of Sharia Insurance :

1. Investment Results

Many people worry about their investments in general or conventional insurance companies. However, this does not apply to the Takaful system. Because, there are various investment instruments that vary, so you have a variety of investment results. The return is also attractive and optimal for its customers.

2. No Burning Funds

In conventional insurance, charred funds are very common. While on Islamic insurance or sharia, participants can receive back funds. Even funds can be disbursed when you need funds suddenly for a reason.

This advantage is the most diiming-imingkan in the system of Takaful. The reason is in sharia law, consumers do have to benefit and there is a clear agreement with the insurance.

3. Late Payments

If you are late in making payments, Takaful will not alter the protection of your funds. The security of the funds you pay will not be tampered with during the delay of paying the premium, which was agreed at the beginning by both parties.

4. Without a Basic Contributor

A basic contributor may be waived in the event of undesirable things such as an illness or accident, resulting in the participant experiencing total incompetence. Participants can still use insurance though in the situation. Of course, this facility is not found in conventional insurance.

In addition, there are also hospital reimbursements for two examples of cases with cashless facilities. This makes it easier for participants or customers to pay hospital fees in cash or cash.

5. High Ratio

The division of the ratio in the Islamic or sharia insurance system can reach 70 percent for customers and 30 percent for insurance. It is undeniable to be one of the many advantages of Takaful Insurance. High profit is given by Takaful Insurance which really shows that the customer is benefited and not to worry.

Suppose you become a participant of health insurance, of course you expect the insurance can help pay for all health costs, ranging from the cheapest to expensive. Similarly, education insurance for school fees for children with difficult financial conditions to be unable to go to school.

6. Double Claim

Another advantage gained is double claim or double claim. So, one participant can not only insure himself, but for all family members. If Takaful related insurance using cashless facility or use card, then one policy can be used for one family. So, the premium is more affordable than to cover one insurance policy per one person.

If viewed from the six advantages earlier, practically Islamic or sharia insurance is so profitable and customer first. Especially for the people of Indonesia who are Muslim, certainly not allowed to follow the financial system that is harmful as a monopoly in institutions that run the conventional financial system.

So for those of you who want to have insurance without major losses, do not feel worried and afraid to register the Takaful insurance. In addition to the facilities are also complete, many benefits you can get.