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Insurance Companies Make Business More Profitable

INSURANCE-PEDIA.COM | In a company, not just the salaries of employees and financials that need to be maintained. Many things need special attention, including corporate insurance. For business owners and workers in Indonesia today, insurance is like a basic requirement that must be owned. Because, can not be denied, the insurance program becomes such a pretty reliable investment to bear various unexpected events. Does your company have insurance? Are your employees covered by insurance?

If not, from now on it seems like you really need to think about it. Because your company will definitely become more secure and have a growing future. Creating a big business requires corporate insurance, which is a tool to tackle future tiger risks that may occur without disrupting financial stability in the company. Indeed, what are the benefits companies can get if they join the insurance program?

1. Increased Employee Productivity

With the insurance company, employees become more protected and guaranteed. You must realize that employees are an important asset in a company. Therefore, the protection of employees is an important factor, so that any activities associated with the company is not hampered and more efficient. Not only will it provide positive benefits for business in the company, but also for the employees.

The existence of corporate insurance seemed to guarantee calm for all parties. Therefore, insurance will not only bear the risks that may be experienced only company, but also the health and quality of life of its workers. They will get proper health care and treatment without fear. Even employee families can feel the benefits.

2. More Ensuring Comfortable Business

Not only useful to protect the company’s financial planning only. Basically, insurance is a right for workers by businessmen. Currently, the government does have its own insurance program. But not a few companies that also follow other insurance programs, especially from private insurance companies. For example like life insurance or others.

This is because the company is well aware of the importance of ensuring smooth business with good planning. The reason, the insurance company will be a medium for transferring corporate risk in the future. This insurance can also guarantee their comfort, which will certainly have a very positive impact on their work. So that the company will be more developed and developed with employees who are productive and loyal.

Types of Insurance Companies

In general, insurance products provided by insurance companies in Indonesia are four. Entrepreneurs themselves have listed all types of insurance for their company or business, some are just a few or selected as needed and various other considerations.

Four types of insurance are health insurance, personal accident insurance, life insurance, and pension funds. For the first three types of insurance, there are probably many companies that bear their employees with it.

However, not all provide a pension fund guarantee. Yet this pension fund does not come from the company itself, but like a form of savings from employees who are taken from their salaries, as preparation in the future old age.

That was a brief explanation of what corporate insurance is and its benefits, especially for the owner of the company and its business continuity. In essence, insurance is very important for both parties, both for companies and employees or workers.